The Geneva Centre organizes a number of conferences, symposia, side-events, round tables, cultural events and workshops.

Our events address the most pressing human rights issues, including those examined by the UN human rights structures and mechanisms. Our events bring together a variety of stakeholders such as the United Nations (UN), intergovernmental organizations, governments, civil society, academia, independent human rights actors, the private sector and the public to discuss human rights topics of global importance.

Women's rights and gender equality

The Geneva Centre gives prominence to women’s rights and to their empowerment in all spheres of the society. Our events and initiatives aim at encouraging open debates and fostering joint efforts for gender equality in the Global North and in the Global South.

Migration and internal displacement

At the Geneva Centre, we echo the IOM’s words that migration is “not a problem to be solved, but a human reality to be managed”. We believe that through effective partnerships, the world community will be better able to aid migrants, and to ensure social inclusion.

Interreligious and interfaith dialogue

We aim to evoke good practices and challenges ahead for combating discrimination based on religion or belief. We strive to advance the culture of dialogue to grow in the knowledge of one another, defending the values of mutual understanding and harmonious coexistence.

Diversity, tolerance and inclusion

It is of vital importance to spread a culture of tolerance in all its dimensions. Such a culture should not be limited to religious tolerance but should also include acceptance and respect of differing political opinions, non-discrimination in society with regard to ethnicity, gender, education and employment.

Children's rights and education

The Geneva Centre gives a central place to children’s rights, in which the right to education plays a major role. Our events aim at raising awareness about the importance of safeguarding and promoting children’s rights through various aspects and good practices.

Cultural events

Culture brings together the different regions of the world, their differences and similarities. As a platform of exchange and dialogue, the Geneva Centre is dedicated the promotion of culture through its events.

Cultural events

The Geneva Centre dedicates events to the celebration of human rights, through international commemorative days or through the organization of high-level events such as the 2018 World Conference on Religions, Creeds and Value Systems.