The Scientific Café initiative consists of short interviews with experts and practitioners on various questions linked to human rights.

In the Scientific Café, experts and practitioners from various fields are invited to discuss questions linked to human rights. The theme for the currently ongoing 2022 edition is Promoting women’s role in peace building. The guests of the Scientific Café will share from their unique experiences and consider the following questions:

  • How can we promote gender equality at national and local levels with regard to peace initiatives?
  • What can be the role of digital technologies to enhance women’s participation in conflict prevention and peace building?
  • Do you have any recommendations to address and remove the existing systemic and cultural obstacles on women’s participation in peace processes?
  • How can women be included in all the steps of peace negotiations?

Experiences from the field show that there is an urgent need to both, effectively protect women’s equal rights and actively promote their invaluable role, through women’s meaningful empowerment in conflict prevention, dialogue and peace building. Considering peace as a human rights value, it can only be built with respect for equality and inclusivity. The low representation of women during peace processes has often resulted in an absence of the vital participation of women at the local level.

In 2021 interviewees discussed questions related to COVID-19 and the right to information. All episodes below.

Scientific Café – Episode 7. Interview with Caryn Dasah, Cameroon Women’s Peace Movement (CAWOPEM) (2022) “Promoting Women’s Role in Peacebuilding” 

Caryn Dasah is a Social Justice Activist, Youth Leader, and the General Coordinator at Cameroon Women’s Peace Movement. She has frontline experience in implementing campaigns and advocacy initiatives advancing women’s rights, gender equality, and ending violence against women and girls. She is a Global Beijing 25 Youth Task Force Member with thirteen years of experience volunteering in Rural communities. Caryn has created a peace campaign called the “Her Place Project’ aimed at engaging grassroots women as peace builders. Caryn runs the “Healing Invisible wounds Project” providing psycho-social support to survivors of violence in armed conflict through trauma healing sessions. She is dedicated working towards ensuring young women in Cameroon find their place within the peace process in Cameroon.

Scientific Café – Episode 6. Interview with Shekeba Ahmadi, CMI-Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation (2022) “Promoting Women’s Role in Peacebuilding”

Shekeba Ahmadi is a women’s rights advocate, currently working with Women in Peacemaking team at the CMI-Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation. She has contributed to the work of not-to-profit organizations in Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan for the last 6 years. Ms. Ahmadi’s previous role at Embassy of Finland in Kabul was Development Cooperation Advisor. She is an aspiring leader in peace and conflict resolution field. In episode 6 of the Geneva Centre’s Scientific Café initiative Shekeba Ahmadi shares her experience of enhancing women’s role in peacebuilding.

Scientific Café – Episode 5. Interview with Dr. Racquel Warner (2022) “Promoting Women’s Role in Peacebuilding”

Since 2003, Dr. Racquel Warner has worked in various academic and leadership positions at three major off-shore branch campuses in the UAE. A career educator with over 25 years international teaching experience, her professional engagement has been defined by her keen interest in social justice and equality. In her home country of Jamaica, she has initiated inner city community engagement projects that connected benevolent business owners with families who needed educational assistance. She also works actively in communities in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Kenya to support the development and accessibility of quality education to at risk groups.

Scientific Café – Episode 4. COVID-19 and the Right to Information – Interview with Professor Biagio Andò, University of Catania (2022)

Scientific Café – Episode 3. COVID-19 and the Right to Information – Interview with Professor María José Bravo Bosch

Scientific Café – Episode 2. COVID-19 and the Right to Information – Interview with Professor Orazio Licciardello

Scientific Café – Episode 1. COVID-19 and the Right to Information –  Interview with Professor Pedroni