Our goal is to promote respect for human rights, mutual understanding and harmonious relations across cultures by bringing together a large variety of actors and stakeholders in human rights through events.

The Geneva Centre organizes a number of conferences, symposia, side-events, round tables, cultural events and workshops. We also follow events and conferences hosted by the UN, NGOs, universities and think-tanks on the wide range of topics linked to human rights.


Women's rights and gender equality

The Geneva Centre gives prominence to women’s rights and to their empowerment in all spheres of the society. Our events and initiatives aim at encouraging open debates and fostering joint efforts for gender equality in the Global North and in the Global South.

Migration and internal displacement

At the Geneva Centre, we echo the IOM’s words that migration is “not a problem to be solved, but a human reality to be managed”. We believe that through effective partnerships, the world community will be better able to aid migrants, and to ensure social inclusion.

Interreligious and interfaith dialogue

We aim to evoke good practices and challenges ahead for combating discrimination based on religion or belief. We strive to advance the culture of dialogue to grow in the knowledge of one another, defending the values of mutual understanding and harmonious coexistence.


Events and Conferences we follow

Check our table for events, conferences and meetings of interest to be held in 2021 that the Geneva Centre envisages to follow, engage in and report on.