Our Objectives

The Geneva Centre is dedicated to contributing to the safeguarding of, and respect for, human rights and dignity in accordance with the established international standards. In this regard, the Geneva Centre aims at promoting awareness of human rights among the public at large, and especially, mutual awareness between the Arab region and the countries of Western European and Others Group (WEOG), through advocacy, and through the training of upcoming generations of stakeholders in the Arab region, by developing and providing capacity-building programmes for students and professionals in the field of human rights.

For awareness-raising purposes, the Centre also regularly produces and publishes reports, newsletters and other materials related to the promotion of human rights.

item Directing Research
item Building bridges
item Capacity Building
item Enhancing Global Dialogue

The Geneva Centre is composed of a plurinational board and staff from:

Belarus, Egypt, France, Italy, Jordan, Switzerland, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates

Our Mission

The Geneva Centre is a think-tank that elaborates objective advocacy policies for the implementation of human rights, driven by values. The Centre is independent of any political or denominational affiliation, and aims to raise awareness of human rights through cross-cultural, religious and civilizational dialogue between the Global North and the Global South.

The Centre is committed to encouraging global dialogue on the values of justice, tolerance and rejection of extremism, discrimination, racism and religious bigotry in all forms, and to promoting, amongst others, the principles of understanding, constructive humanistic dialogue, respect for public liberties and acceptance of others.

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