The Geneva Centre is composed of a plurinational staff from France, Switzerland, Belarus, United Arab Emirates and Finland.

 Umesh Palwankar
Umesh Palwankar Executive Director

Umesh Palwankar, a national of Switzerland, joined the Geneva Centre in December 2018 as Researcher-Planner. His responsibilities included thematic research, participation in the planning of the activities of the Centre, namely conferences, projects, publications, training programmes and in the impact evaluation of these. In March 2020 he was appointed Executive Director of the Geneva Centre.

Tiziana Loschi
Tiziana LoschiExecutive Assistant
Born in Italy and brought up in both French and Italian cultures, Ms Tiziana Loschi ​joined the Geneva Centre in July 2019 to support and assist, under the supervision of the Executive Director, the general work of the Geneva Centre and its team members, including managing the administrative and financial operations of the Centre and organizing conferences and other events held by the Centre.
Alia Fares
Alia FaresTraining and Partnerships Officer
A national of the United Arab Emirates, Ms Alia Fares joined the Geneva Centre in September 2020 as a Training Specialist.
She designs training programs and activities for students and professionals in the field of human rights. The core purpose of these training programs is to provide such stakeholders with increased expertise, thereby promoting national capacity building.
Catia Trevisani
Catia TrevisaniProject and Information Officer
A national of Italy, Catia joined the Geneva Centre in March 2023, as Project and Information Officer. In this capacity, she assists with the organization, coordination and implementation of the Centre’s activities. She conducts research related to programs, prepares publications and follows and reports on the sessions of the Human Rights Council.
Imane Charif
Imane CharifProject and Information Officer
Imane, a French national born in France and hailing from an Arab background, joined the Geneva Centre in April 2023. As a Project and Information Officer, she is responsible for planning, organization and development of the Centre’s activities. She conducts research related to the Centre’s areas of focus, prepares publications, and facilitates partnerships with the UN system, civil society, academia, and consulting experts.