14 August 2019, GENEVA – The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue is pleased to announce the publication of the second issue of its newsletter “Human Rights Without Prejudice” for 2019.

The present version includes a summary of the outcome of conferences and panel debates organized by the Geneva Centre in cooperation with its partner institution. The aim of these conferences is to encourage global dialogue between decision-makers of the Global North and of the Global South and to promote a value-driven human rights system. Since February 2019, the Geneva Centre has organized the following conferences:

  • 7 March: Muslim women between stereotypes and reality: an objective narrative (United Nations Office in Geneva;
  • 12 March: Leadership in modern multilateralism;
  • 21 March: Celebration of diversity: beyond tolerance, the path towards empathy;
  • 25 April: Migration and human solidarity;
  • 3 May: Greater spiritual convergence worldwide in support of equal citizenship rights;
  • 21 May: Emergency Assembly on the rise of global racism and the implementation of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (DDPA);
  • 19 June: From interfaith and inter-civilizational cooperation to human solidarity.

The present issue of the periodical likewise reports on the Centre’s endeavours to promote greater understanding of human rights through cross-cultural, religious and cross-civilizational dialogue. In this connection, the Geneva Centre participated in the informal consultation sessions on the long-term efficiency of the Human Rights Council held at the United Nations Office in Geneva. Representatives of the Geneva Centre likewise presented oral statements on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) outcomes of Saudi Arabia and Jordan during the 40th regular session of the Human Rights Council.

In addition, the Geneva Centre welcomed a delegation of officials and graduate students from the United Arab Emirates at its premises. The visit was organized in the context of the “International Leadership Programme” joint organized by UNITAR and the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University in which students from the UAE visit NGOs and UN entities to deepen their knowledge of human rights issues of relevance to the Arab region.

These activities have received special mention in the newsletter.  

Finally, the newsletter contains book reviews of the Geneva Centre’s latest publications that were issued in May 2019:

  • (1) Improving Access to Justice for Workers: The Case of the UAE;
  • (2) Migration and Human Solidarity.

Download the latest edition of “Human Rights Without Prejudice” below:

Newsletter, Issue No. 5 (2019-2.August).pdf


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