14 July 2017, DUBAI - The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue (Geneva Centre) organized a training session in Dubai, from 10th to 13th July, for 14 UAE journalists. A top-class program whose title announced in advance the timeliness of its implementation and the importance of its realization. "Enhancing Journalists’ Role in Promoting Human Rights" was the focus of this training.

The enthusiastic welcome expressed by the participants (members of the UAE Association of Journalists) was a demonstration of the importance of this training program. The Emirati journalists interacted with a variety of high-level professionals, whose expertise is recognized worldwide. The trainers were specialized in human rights, humanitarian law and the media. The training program provided participants with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the theory and practice of international law in this regard.

The pace was set by H. E. Idriss Jazairy, Executive Director of the Geneva Centre, who introduced the multi-faceted program and made a presentation on the one of the basic human rights UN Charter-based mechanisms, the Special Procedure Mandate Holders who are internationally renowned independent experts in the field of human rights.

Dr. Pierre Sob, the Founder and Director of Horizon Learning Link and President of Africa 21 delivered a lecture on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights while Ms Kamelia Kamileva, Executive Manager of the Geneva Academy gave a lecture on Charter- and Treaty-based mechanisms. Among the former was included in particular the Human Rights Council.  The latter included the 10 Treaty-bodies set up to follow the implementation of the 9 core Human Rights Covenants and Treaties. Ms. Kamileva also made a presentation on the freedom of opinion and expression.

The Universal Periodic Review introduced as a peer mechanism to evaluate the performance of all States in the field of Human Rights was intended to overcome the selectivity which blighted the human rights debate in the past which focused essentially on developing countries. This mechanism was presented to the audience by Professor Osman El Hajjé, Founder of the Human Rights Centre at Jinan University in Lebanon and a former Independent Expert of the Human Rights Council.

The President of the Arab Centre for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Education spoke extensively about the Regional Human rights institutions with special focus on Arab region and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. 

Two representatives from the ICRC, Dr. Ahmed El-Dawoody and Judge Omar Mekky detailed in their lectures respectively the pilot role of Islamic Law in the field of International Humanitarian Law and the challenges of non-international armed conflict in the context of humanitarian law and human rights law.

The Chief Editor of the electronic version of the Algerian paper « Liberté » for his part delivered lectures on the media coverage of human rights issues and on the journalistic techniques in the field of human rights.

The Chairman of the Geneva Centre, H.E. Dr. Hanif Al Qassim chaired the Closing Ceremony and delivered the certificates of attendance to the fourteen participants members of the Journalists Association and other correspondents of the press in Dubai.

The Chairman of the Journalists Association, Mr. Mohammed Youssef also attended the deliberations.

Videos from the Geneva Centre's training programme in Dubai: 


This press release can also be accessed in Arabichttp://bit.ly/2umkHxQ

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