After the shameful public demonstrations conducted by the PEGIDA (“Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”) movement, Germany has witnessed the umpteenth episode of racism and discrimination against migrants. Again, the main target is the Muslim community.

In the wake of the detailed report broadcasted by German NDR, and after receiving information and documents from witnesses, the State prosecutors in Lower Saxony have launched an investigation into alleged cases of federal police brutality towards migrants in the city of Hanover. According to the sources, upheld by undeniable proofs, federal police officers were mistreating migrants in custody and documenting the violence committed in a series of mobile phone photos as well as text messages.

NDR found evidence for two incidents in particular, which drew our attention. In one case, a young Afghan refugee, after being found without valid passport, was arrested and forced to eat rotten pork off the floor. In the second incident, after failing to show a ticket at the Hanover train station, a 19-year old Moroccan was shackled and dragged to the police station, where he was exposed to torture and ill-treatment.

“The level of racism and inhumanity inherent in these acts is shocking” – stated Aydan Özoguz, Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees and Integration, and first Muslim member of the German Federal Government as minister of state.

The Geneva Centre strongly condemns all episodes of violence, racism and discrimination against migrants, and wishes to commend German prosecutors’ efforts to investigate cases of police brutality.

Germany, a country that is recognized worldwide as an example of democracy, is Europe’s preeminent destination for migrants trying to escape from war and poverty; it should represent a heavenly shelter rather than a trip to hell.

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