The objectives of the Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue are focused on the promotion of human rights, encouraging a constructive humanistic dialogue between the Global North and the Global South on the values of justice, tolerance, rejection of extremism.

This brings the Centre to promote human rights awareness universally, with a particular emphasis on the Arab and Muslim regions, and to provide advice to governmental and international agencies with regard to the effective implementation of human rights.

It is in this context that Dr Umesh Palwankar, Executive Director a.i of the Centre and Ms Alia Fares, UAE Permanent Mission to the UN administrative staff, were requested by the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies & Research (ECSSR) to collaborate in the comprehensive study of human rights in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries they are undertaking.

During a recent meeting held at the Centre office in Geneva, Dr Abu Ghazleh, Researcher, and Ms Alblooshi, Assistant Researcher, posed several questions on the vision of the Centre on some crucial issues such as the recent evolution of the human rights situation in the GCC, the best practices to be implemented to improve it and the outstanding dispositions implemented by the GCC countries.

Dr Umesh Palwankar and Ms Alia Fares expressed their willingness to support the ECSSR by sharing the considerable experience gained by the Centre in working with the UN system and its extensive network of experts within the international organisations and academic institutions in Switzerland.

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