24 January 2018, GENEVA – The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue welcomed today a group of human rights practitioners, academics, government officials and students from the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia at its premises.

The Chairman of the Board of Special Direction – a Saudi Arabian business enterprise based in Jeddah - Dr. Shadi Fouad Khawandanah led the delegation and was accompanied by academics and faculty members representing the King Saud University, the King Saud bin Abdulaziz University For Health Sciences and the Umm Al-Qura University. Analysts from the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also attended.

The visit was organized in the context of the "Direction Knowledge and Cultural Exchange Program" in which practitioners and students from Saudi Arabia visit countries such as South Korea, Japan, South Africa, France, Lebanon, Italy, Germany and Switzerland to deepen their knowledge on human rights issues of relevance to the Arab region.

The delegation from Saudi Arabia was welcomed by the Executive Director of the Geneva Centre H. E. Ambassador Idriss Jazairy who gave a presentation of the Centre’s recent initiatives to promote and advance human rights in the Arab region.

A lecture was then delivered by the Geneva Centre’ Executive Director on international human rights law and the functions of the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms. 

Copies of the Geneva Centre’s publications – summarizing the outcomes of recent panel discussions held at the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) - were distributed to the delegation from Saudi Arabia.

The Geneva Centre’s Executive Director said “he felt privileged” to receive a visit from today’s delegation led by the Chairman of the Board of Special Direction. Ambassador Jazairy said:

One of the core objectives of the Geneva Centre is to promote human rights awareness among the general Arab and broader Muslim public. We felt honoured and privileged to have hosted members of the Direction Knowledge and Cultural Exchange Program at our premises. Today’s visit from Saudi Arabia was an opportunity for the Geneva Centre to enlighten human rights practitioners and youth from the Arab region about the Centre’s efforts to promote a value-driven human rights system.“

If interested in arranging a visit to the Geneva Centre’s Headquarter, please send an email to info@gchragd.org

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