9 May 2017, GENEVA – The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue (“The Geneva Centre”) welcomed yesterday a group of students from Albanian College Tirana (ACT) who visited our Headquarter during a study trip to Switzerland.

15 students and 2 teachers were accommodated at the Geneva Centre’s training room where Executive Director Ambassador Idriss Jazairy gave a presentation of the Centre’s recent initiatives to promote and advance human rights in the Arab region.

Ambassador Jazairy also informed about the Centre's efforts to encourage global dialogue between the Global South and the Global North through the promotion of inter-cultural and inter-religious understanding.

Copies of the Geneva Centre’s booklets – summarizing the outcomes of recent panel discussions held at the United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG) - were also distributed to the students.

A brief lecture was likewise provided by our Executive Director on the provisions of core international human rights treaties and on the role of the United Nations (UN) in the development of international law.  

Ambassador Jazairy stated that “the Centre welcomes visits by educational institutions and students interested in learning more about our efforts to promote and advance human rights. Youth must be empowered to take ownership of their own futures. We rely on them to reverse the growing trend of populism, xenophobia and bigotry that are gaining ground in today’s societies.“

If interested in arranging a visit to the Geneva Centre’s Headquarter, please send an email to info@gchragd.org

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