World Humanitarian Day, 19 August 2023.

The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue joins the international community in recognizing the invaluable work of humanitarian workers, both voluntary and professional, in delivering vital aid and services to communities and individuals in dire need world-wide.

The Centre considers this year’s theme ‘it takes a village’ to raise a child, a poignant appeal as it underscores the critical importance of the collective humanitarian endeavour, of solidarity and empathy, to alleviate human suffering without any discrimination related to nationality, gender, ethnic group, religious or political affiliation, but only on the basis of the needs of those suffering.

This collective endeavour is a true bulwark of our shared humanity and its universal values, embodied in present day human rights. It strives to uphold human dignity in the face of senseless discrimination, cruelties of wars and devastating natural disasters including those induced by climate change, that particularly affect the most vulnerable wherever they be.

Let us today join forces to celebrate and reinforce the noble, selfless efforts of humanitarian workers to ensure assistance and protection to all those in need.