Outcome Declaration

“Moving towards greater spiritual convergence worldwide in support of equal citizenship rights”

Ten Points Global Strategic Plan: Summary

The World Conference Outcome Declaration is composed of three main sections: a) a preamble; b) a Ten-Point Strategic Plan; and c) Follow-up Actions. The Outcome Declaration aims at promoting equal citizenship rights through the following of a Ten-Point Strategic Global Plan:

1. Joint action of all religious and community leaders to reject the instrumentalization of religions, promote their authentic meanings and shared universal values and to advocate openness and pluralism approaches;
2. Enhancement of harmonious integration of all segments of the population in resilient and inclusive societies;
3. Enforcement of all rights and duties of people on the basis of their entitlement to civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights;
4. Preservation by both transit and host countries of their diverse ethnic, cultural and religious heritage, and offering of opportunities for integration to migrants, refugees and Internally displaced persons;
5. Enhancement of both vertical and horizontal interaction between the State and society, and within civil society to implement equal citizenship rights;
6. Integration of a gender perspective, whereby the equality of women and men, girls and boys, is respected at all ages and throughout life;
7. Promotion of education about, through and for equal citizenship rights by promoting adjustments in national policies, by reviewing school and continuous education development plans, and reforming teaching methodologies;
8. Engagement of spiritual leaders by political and civil authorities in promoting mutual religious literacy and applying ethical principles to the local and regional context;
9. Respect for freedom of religion within and between countries, whether there is a separation between State and faiths or not;
10. Effective enjoyment of equal citizenship rights as a gateway to global citizenship and to the realization of global peace.

The World Conference outcome declaration can be downloaded below:




Year of publication: 
Monday, 25 June, 2018

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