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2021-08-10T14:26:29+02:002021, June 14th|BOOKS, PUBLICATIONS|

On 25 March 2021, the Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue organized an online panel entitled “COVID-19 and Right to Education: Current Impact and Future Consequences”. The panel, in its presentations by panellists and the ensuing debates, addressed a host of crucial and contemporary issues in relation with this theme, such as school closures, educational programmes, virtual learning, refugee education, among others.

The present publication includes a summary of the proceedings and the full statements of the panel presentations, as well as an analytical article which builds upon the lessons learned from the panel. The article provides an overview of the existing international legal and institutional framework related to the right to education, identifies the wide-ranging impact of the pandemic thereupon, and offers policy recommendations for building forward better.

The Geneva Centre wishes to reiterate its commitment to promote the vital right to education, within the framework of its mission, through continuing efforts in terms of advocacy, dissemination of best practices, training and national capacity building.

Access the pdf version or contact us if you’d like to receive a hard copy of this publication.

Year of publication: June 2021

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