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2022-02-10T11:51:26+01:002022, February 10th|ANNUAL REPORTS, PUBLICATIONS|

Foreword by the Executive Director, Dr. Umesh Palwankar

In 2021, once again, the Geneva Centre, together with its partners, interlocutors and colleagues, overcame the obstacles posed by the pandemic and related sanitary restrictions, and actively pursued its mission and activities.

These evolved around four underlying pillars, with research and publications on human rights issues, organizing training sessions, conducting human rights advocacy and promoting global dialogue through organisation of international panels and conferences.

For the first time, the Geneva Centre offered recognition for the exemplary work of four human rights champions in the field, through its human rights awards ceremony held on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, 10 December.

Read the full Report:

Annual Report 2021 – Geneva Centre

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