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Geneva Centre’s Human Rights Recognition Awards (HRRA) 2023 Celebrates Women Championing Environmental Rights

2023, December 8th|INVOLVEMENT, NEWS|

Geneva, December 8, 2023 – The Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue proudly concluded its third edition of the Human Rights Recognition Awards (HRRA) 2023, a ceremony dedicated to honoring women who have made significant contributions to environmental rights. Held on December 8, 2023, the ceremony brought together human rights advocates and change-makers from across the globe, underscoring a shared commitment to advancing human rights and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Umesh Palwankar, the Executive Director of the Geneva Centre, opened the ceremony with a warm welcome, setting the tone for an event filled with inspiration and global unity. Ambassador Ghazi Jomaa, Chairman of the Geneva Centre, inaugurated the ceremony, emphasizing the Centre’s dedication to human rights and highlighting this year’s theme: Women Championing Environmental Rights.

In a special feature, Ms. Aiysha Siddiqua, Climate Adviser to the UN Secretary-General, delivered a compelling video message from COP 28 in Dubai, offering insightful observations on the current state of climate action and the role of women in leading these efforts.

The highlight of the ceremony was the announcement of the HRRA 2023 awardees: Monique Ntumngia (Cameeron), Fatou Jeng (Gambia), Hero Wakil (Iraq) and Dr. Priscilla Achakpa (Nigeria). Each awardee, through their unique and impactful contributions to environmental rights, demonstrated the power and resilience of women in leading the charge against climate change and advocating for sustainable practices.

Monique Ntumngia’s transformative work in renewable energy solutions in Africa, Fatou Jeng’s advocacy for climate change policy, Hero Wakil’s grassroots efforts in environmental conservation, and Dr. Priscilla Achakpa’s lifelong dedication to environmental advocacy were not only celebrated but also served as a source of inspiration for all attendees.

The ceremony concluded with Dr. Palwankar’s reflective closing remarks, emphasizing the crucial role of women in combating climate change and promoting environmental rights. He highlighted the importance of recognizing and amplifying the voices of women in these fields, inspiring others to follow their lead.

The Geneva Centre extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees and expresses its gratitude to everyone who participated in making this ceremony a success.

Looking forward to future initiatives and collaborations, the Geneva Centre remains committed to championing human rights and environmental advocacy, inspired by the remarkable achievements of women around the world.

We are pleased to announce that a recording of the event will be made available online. Furthermore, in early January, the Geneva Centre will publish a detailed report on the ceremony.

Stay tuned for the ceremony recording and the upcoming publication. For more information about HRRA 2023 and the Geneva Centre’s ongoing initiatives, please visit our website and follow us on our social media platforms.

Watch the Ceremony here:

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