Ambassador Ghazi JOMAA
Ambassador Ghazi JOMAAChairman of the Board of Management

Ambassador Ghazi Jomaa, joined the Geneva Centre as Chairman of the Board of Management in 2019. His responsibilities include overseeing the policies and activities of the organization.

Ambassador Ghazi Jomaa is a Tunisian diplomat. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December 1983. After Several mission, he became Ambassador to Argentine between October 2000 and September 2003. He returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tunisia before being appointed as Ambassador to Turkey from November 2006 to May 2009. Then he returns to New York to take the position of Ambassador of Tunisia to the United Nations. Ambassador Ghazi Jomaa was also Ambassador to Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

The many high responsibilities he has assumed around the world as Ambassador and chargé de missions for international relations, give him a sharp global vision on human rights issues.

Ambassador Ghazi Jomaa holds a Master’s Degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid, he is a  Postgraduate in High International Studies of the Escuela Diplomatica of Madrid and of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, and holds a Diploma of English language at the Institut des Langues Vivantes of Bourguiba. In addition, he received several certificates from different Universities.

Ambassador Jomaa speaks Arabic, French, Spanish, English, Italian, and also has the basic speaking of German, Portuguese and Turkish.