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Homeyra Jazairy

Assistant to the Chairman

Homeyra Jazairy – a national of France - is the Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Geneva Centre. Her responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of human resource management and financial reporting and accounting. In this regard, Mrs. Jazairy develops, prepares and implements budgets in order to achieve the Centre’s financial goals and due diligence procedures. She ensures timely completion of the Centre’s financial and administrative audits.

Mrs. Jazairy is also responsible for the day-to-day staff management such as reporting on employee performance to the Geneva Centre’s management as well as developing and implementing human resources policies and procedures.

Prior to joining the Geneva Centre in July 2016, Mrs. Jazairy served as an advisor and as a counsellor in the French civil administrative system for five years. She subsequently created and founded her own enterprise in Annecy (France) demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business. Mrs. Jazairy was also the Head of an enterprise in Lyon (France) in which she oversaw the day-to-day operations and the management of staff. Under the strategic guidance of Mrs. Jazairy, her enterprise developed an exclusive partnership with GE Appliances in relation to the distribution and maintenance of household electrical appliances.

Mrs. Jazairy holds a Diplôme Superieur of the Central Agency of Social Security Organisations in France with a specialization in labor and tax law.