A new study warns against ISIL fighters in Libya and gives an overview on Benghazi and Derna warlords’ crimes


A recent study issued by Al Arabiya Institute of Studies sustains that the atrocities perpetrated by the self-proclaimed jihadist groups in Libya are not much different from what the so-called ISIL is currently doing in Iraq and Syria. The practices carried out by Libyan extremist groups, in fact, match with the notion of war crimes and crimes against humanity, which deserve prosecution before the International Criminal Court, whose authority in this context was entrusted by UN Security Council Resolution n. 1970 (2011).

“Islamic Enlightenment”: Islam is capable of modernity

Malek Chebel, Algerian philosopher and anthropologist of religion

The Geneva Centre would like to bring to your attention an enlightening interview that appeared in El Watan, an independent francophone newspaper in Algeria. The interviewer is Narymane Lafer, a Swiss-Algerian journalist, while the interviewee is Malek Chebel, a well-known Algerian philosopher and anthropologist of religion. Chebel has published thirty-three works through which he conducted deep reflections on the Arab and Islamic world, notably on its culture, history and tendencies. He is also director of Noor, a review born in 2013, whose main aim is to promote a better understanding of Islam in Europe and worldwide

Open Call: Internship at the GCHRAGD

The Geneva Centre is seeking highly qualified and dedicated interns to assist in its activities.

Our internships provide candidates with an invaluable opportunity to participate in meetings of the UN bodies and agencies, particularly of the Human Rights Council. This allows insight into multilateral negotiations, as well as UN decision-making processes.

“My internship at the Geneva Centre provided me with an in-depth knowledge of the UN Human Rights Mechanisms and helped me develop strong social and communication skills” – said Ms. Noura Al-Hajeri

From 1st to 19th September, Ms. Noura Mohamed Al-Hajeri, student in International Affairs at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, joined the Geneva Centre for an internship focusing on human rights mechanisms. She was involved in both the Geneva Centre’s daily and long-term activities, and contributed to the substantive organization of meetings as well as of projects of collaboration. After finishing her studies, she will probably join again the Geneva Centre for a longer and more intensive work experience.

The Geneva Centre joins the International Community in the celebration of the International Day of Peace

As set forth in the preamble of the Constitution of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, “since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed”. It is on the basis of this principle that, in 1981, UN General Assembly Resolution 36/67 formally established the International Day of Peace, to be celebrated annually on the third Tuesday of September, to coincide with UNGA opening session. It was only in 2001, by UNGA Resolution 55/282, that 21st September was established as an official annual international day of peace, non-violence and cease-fire.

The Geneva Centre calls for concerted efforts to stop the activity of armed groups, combat terrorism, and empower the legitimate Libyan institutions

The Geneva Centre strongly condemns the flagrant violations of human rights carried out by radical terrorist groups in Libya, which involve violent systematic acts targeting innocent civilians and diplomatic missions, including the demolition and burning of the house of the Libyan Permanent Representative to UN Office at NewYork Ibrahim Dabbashi on 16 September 2014. This event follows other previous kidnappings and murder attacks on members of more than twenty diplomatic mission, as well as representatives of humanitarian and international organizations. In this context, the Geneva Centre calls for the need to restore security, bring peace, and support the legitimate Libyan institutions including the Parliament elected in last June.