Geneva Centre strongly condemns the brutal murder of Jordanian pilot Moaz Kasasbeh

On February 3rd, the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” published a video showing Jordanian pilot Moaz Kasasbeh being burned alive.

Lt. Moaz Kasasbeh had been held captive since his F16 crashed on 24th December in Raqqa, Syria, an “Islamic State” stronghold. The Jordanian Government had appealed to “IS” representatives to release the captured pilot in exchange for one of the terrorists implicated in the 2005 bombings in Amman, Jordan.

Geneva Centre condemns the murder of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto by the so-called “Islamic State”

The Geneva Centre condemns the heinous murder of Japanese Journalist Kenji Goto. Through his dauntless journalism, Mr. Goto sought to communicate to the world the sufferings of the proud Syrian people. His journalism focused on the lives of ordinary people in war-torn countries in Africa and the Middle East, and he was truly an advocate and campaigner for peace in the region.

The Geneva Centre presents its most sincere condolences on the passing away of H.R.H. King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud

One of the many sons of H.R.H. King Abdul-Aziz, founder and developer of what is now modern Saudi Arabia, H.R.H. King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud was known for his achievements in the domains of international development and conflict resolution. Considered a patient and persevering leader, H.R.H. King Abdullah will be dearly missed by the international community. His role in promoting diplomacy to solve worldwide conflicts has been praised by many.

The Geneva Centre strongly condemns terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo office

The horrific attack that took place at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris today, 7th January, led to the death of 12 people, including the magazine’s editor, Stéphane Charbonnier, and chief cartoonist, Jean Cabut. France raised its security alert to the highest level, and a manhunt is currently under way. “It is undoubtedly a terrorist attack of the most extreme barbarity. (…) We are threatened because we are a country that cherishes freedom.” – stated French President François Hollande.


Dr. Hanif Al-Qassim: “An agreement has been reached with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to convene an Inaugural International Forum on Combating Religious Intolerance”

The Geneva Centre and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights agreed on convening an inaugural forum on practical actions to combat religious intolerance. The conference, to be held in London in the end of April 2015, is intended to contribute to the practical implementation of Human Rights Council and General Assembly resolutions on Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping, stigmatization, discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against persons, based on religion or belief, as well as of other key human rights texts relevant to the issues of freedom of religion and belief, and freedom of opinion and expression.

Geneva Centre fully endorses Al-Azhar’s international counterterrorism conference

Al-Azhar University (Jāmiʿat al-Azhar) is the chief centre of Islamic and Arabic learning in the world, as well as the oldest degree-granting university in Egypt. Centred on the Al-Azhar mosque, the University was founded in 970, and represents one of the relics of the Isma’ili Shi’a Fatimid dynasty era of Egypt. Together with the mosque, the university plays a fundamental role in promoting the Islamic and Arabic heritance, as well as in building a bridge between different cultures and religions.

Geneva Centre signs MoU with Arab League

On 20th November, the Geneva Centre achieved a remarkable milestone by signing a memorandum of understanding with the League of Arab States. By so doing, the Geneva Centre, represented on this occasion by its Executive Director Mr. Imad Zuhairi, and the League of Arab States, represented by the Permanent Representative to the UN Office in Geneva, H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Kamlichi, paved the way for a long-lasting, comprehensive framework of cooperation.