The Geneva Centre aims to enhance global dialogue between different stakeholders located in the Global South and Global North. 

It regularly organizes conferences, panel discussions and side-events in a UN context aiming at bringing together a variety of stakeholders such as the United Nations (UN), intergovernmental organizations, governments, civil society, academia, independent human rights actors, the private sector and the public to discuss human rights topics of global importance.

Events organized by the Centre address the most pressing human rights issues on both a thematic and a country perspective, and are aligned with the United Nations human rights agenda, the priorities of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), as well as with the work of the United Nations Treaty Bodies and Special Procedure Mandate Holders (SPMHs).

By combining the diverse interests of such different stakeholders, the Geneva Centre has managed to encourage a form of global communications that goes beyond existing human rights frameworks.