The Geneva Centre focusses its capacity building efforts on government officials, national human rights institutions, lawyers, journalists and other civil society representatives.

It works with independent human rights experts to develop targeted capacity building programmes to enable these groups to participate optimally in existing human rights mechanisms, which can be challenging for non-experts and for those outside the United Nations system.

The ultimate goal of the Centre's policies is to empower these stakeholders from the Middle East and North Africa to be able to act upon United Nations human rights recommendations in an effective and sustainable way. Through its rigorous human rights training programmes, the Centre has trained more than 100 professionals from the Arab region in key decision-making positions - equally represented among women and men - on human rights. The Geneva Centre’s human rights training programme is unique for the following reasons:

  • It is offered in both English and Arabic;
  • Participants learn ways to draft HRC resolutions and national reports for the UPR;
  • The Centre adjusts to the level and background and future careers needs of the participants;
  • The Centre invites experienced lecturers with solid academic and practical backgrounds on human rights law to deliver innovative training modules.