Geneva/ 30th of June/ WAM/ The Arab Federation for Human Rights, AFHR, condemned the incessant continuation of the Qatari government and its official institutions that is also a secret donor in parallel, to label the boycott imposed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt as a “blockade”.

The Arab Federation said in a report that the blockade, in accordance with the provisions of the international law is defined as a coercive measure taken against a State by the Security Council, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. It is imposed with military force, indicating that this is not a blockade but a boycott meaning the severance of diplomatic and economic relations with a state that harms the security and stability amongst the international community. This is said to apply with the current situation in the Qatari state.

The report refuted the claims of the Qatar National Human Rights Committee, which described the boycott as a blockade in order to get the sympathy of international public opinion, which Qatar had failed to do. The European Union has rejected this description and stressed that the boycott came to claim from Qatar to commit itself to combating terrorism and drying its sources of funding. Meanwhile, the Russian government has also adopted the same position as the Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee has confirmed that what is currently happenning in Qatar cannot be considered as a blockade, as the country's airspace is not closed or prevented from bringing in whatever it wants from all countries of the world with the presence of air conditions and sea-lanes open to the Qatari government.

He pointed out that the reports issued are not only from the countries boycotting Qatar, but also from other countries, including the United States of America, which confirmed the involvement of Qatar in the financing of terrorism and harbouring terrorists in a manner that threatens the security of its neighbours and international peace and security. The senior official in the Department of Finance of the US Treasury Department Adam Zubin noted that Qatar has shown a lack of political will to implement anti-terrorist financing laws effectively.

The report of the AFHR referred to the statement of the Former Assistant Secretary for the Department of the Treasury, Daniel Glaser, in which he said: “The designated terrorist financiers are openly and publicly operating in the State of Qatar.”

The report comes in response to the claims of Doha and its institutions that dedicated its efforts, only a few hours after the measures had been taken by Arab countries in response to Qatar's approach in the region, to change the facts and circumvent the crisis through its media and even diplomacy in order to promote unrealistic terms and to try to portray them as victims.

WAM / Ahmed al-Butli / Mustafa Badr al-Din

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