Enhancing access to justice for children in the United Arab Emirates
18 سبتمبر 2019
Emergency Assembly on the Rise of Global Racism
09 مايو 2019
Migration and Human Solidarity
25 أبريل 2019
Celebration of diversity: beyond tolerance, the path towards empathy
21 Mar 2019
Muslim women between stereotypes and reality: an objective narrative
07 Mar 2019
Education for Peace in a Multi-Religious Context
10 ديسمبر 2018
World Conference on Religions and Equal Citizenship Rights
26 يونيو 2018
Conference in Djelfa (Algeria) on Emir Abdelkader El Djezairi
14 مايو 2018
Protecting people on the move: Internally displaced persons in the context of the refugee and migrant crisis
21 Mar 2018
Improving access to justice for workers: the case of UAE
20 Mar 2018