“We should raise our ambitions beyond just preventing violations”: Bahrain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs at the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council

The Minister reaffirmed Bahrain’s commitment to cooperating with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and noted that a delegation from her Office is currently in Bahrain engaging in consultations to draw up a Programme of Technical Assistance and Capacity Building. H.E. Sheik Al Khalifa thanked the High Commissioner for this invaluable support, which will “help [Bahrain] to further incorporate international human rights standards into our national laws and policies” and “promote an enduring human rights culture”.

“We are working hard to increase the participation of women in moving towards democracy”: Libya’s Minister of Justice at the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva

Mr. Elmarghani thanked Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commisioner for Human Rights, and all members of her office for their efforts to promote and protect human rights in Libya. He also thanked the delegation of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and their efforts to establish the rule of law in the nation.

“We are not perfect, but we are making progress”: UAE Minister Pledges to Improve Human Rights

He highlighted the UAE’s efforts to increase protection of women and workers in the region, and noted that “we will soon be enacting a law to enhance protection for domestic workers [and] we acknowledge that more needs to be done. We consider this area to be an evolving challenge that I assure you, we will continue to address”.

“Grave and massive violations…should represent an urgent priority”: Saudi Chairman of Human Rights at the 25th Session of the Human Rights Council

Dr. Al Aiban said that his government is “pressing ahead towards achieving its commitments in the field of human rights”, and reiterated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s support for “local, regional, and international UN organs and mechanisms…in particular the Human Rights Council.”

Kuwait News Agency Reports on Geneva Centre’s Human Rights Training

Kuwaiti Ambassador H.E Jamal Al-Ghoneim observed that the Geneva Centre’s training programs “reflect the ambitions of students from the Gulf to highlight the universality of human rights, and to show that human rights are fully consistent with Islamic cultures and traditions”.

Kuwait News on the Establishment of the Geneva Centre

Human Rights Education Can Correct Negative Stereotyping of East and West, Emaratalyoum reports.

Emaratalyoum news agency has expressed its approval of the Geneva Centre’s human rights training programs, and reports that negative stereotyping of the MENA region by the Global North, and vice versa, can be addressed through human rights education which stresses the universality of all rights.